Forms & Surveys

Forms are the bane of a lot of peoples lives. We design forms that make it easy for the user to clearly see the intention of the question and give simple but precise options for answering those questions. We use logic processes and very particular data validation, and ensure that the information submitted is collated and presented to the form owner in an efficient manner.

The power of forms really comes from how efficiently you use the information submitted to the form. We can link that information to spreadsheets, email and other business forms to enable rapid dissemination of data and automatic population of document and email content, minimising repeat input of data in other documents.

Forms can be used to enquire about products and services (in the form of surveys) and to request information that enables you to accurately respond to enquiries and problems. Our enquiry form is an example of the simplest of these forms.

This automation of information transfer can easily enhance the business image of your company, giving re-assurance to your customer or supplier that you take your relationship with them seriously.

We also offer form preparation services based around French/English language choices.

Surveys are important to understand your clients opinions and understanding of your products and services. Therefore, providing an automatic method of harvesting those views is a very quick and easy way to fine tune your company.

We can produce surveys, which essentially are just forms, which can either be delivered en masse, by email, or always available for users to fill in from your web site, for example. The notification that a form has been completed is instant, and the result s are available at the same time (for the client as well if required). Simple statistics are also available which again can help you interpret your clients view and opinions.