Text Documents

Text documents are what most people would use a word processing application to produce - letters, quotations, terms and conditions, purchase orders and invoices. These are relatively easy to produce but, unless time is spent on delivering a common style of document, with the same fonts, style of wording, references and overall appearance, it is easy to portray your business as unorganised and "amateur". We use Google Docs.

With the strict use of templates and pre-prepared text, we can soon re-enforce an image of a professional company with a modern and efficient back office support system. This can help portray your company as a serious contender for business, and a reliable supplier for building your customer base.

Options also exist for full indexes, cross references, table of contents and dynamic chart integration. These are all very powerful features which can transform your text into highly professional documents.

We also offer text document services based around French/English language choices.

The Document Company - Mail Merge Concept

An example of an extremely efficient form of marketing is mail merge. This uses a list of contacts with address data already supplied, which is merged together with a document which has gaps for the data from each contact. This helps to personalise each document, increasing the chance of the reader involving themselves in the communication exercise.

Another useful tool in your document arsenal could be PDF documents. The beauty of PDF documents comes from the meaning of the "P" in the acronym - Portable. This means that the document will appear the same way, whatever screen or printer that the document reader is using. This is great for consistency of document appearance and predictable file size. We can create PDF documents for you from most source documents and can then offer digital signatures, rapid document construction and secure document sharing.

Quotations, estimates and invoices often entail using the same source information for common data - names, addresses, products etc. As long as this single source is kept up to date (this might be a Google Contacts database for instance), we can ensure that your documents can make use of this data.