The Business Document Company

Confidential Business Support Services

We specialise in helping individuals & small businesses capitalise on information technology. This involves the preparation of high quality documents, templates and websites to help you communicate with your colleagues, clients, staff and suppliers in a consistent and professional manner, especially where confidentiality matters arise. We also design and prepare mobile based apps that allow you to reference, add, edit or delete cloud based information.

These services are primarily designed for clients with little or no knowledge of how computer software could help with running their private or business affairs, although we also offer services to those who are already familiar with such products, but find themselves in times of excessive demand, limited resources or confidentiality issues. We also help foreign businesses and individuals in the preparation of English documentation, where English is not their primary language of communication.

Business Forms

Typically these documents will include, but would not be limited to:

Small companies and sole traders often find themselves in one or more of the following situations:

  • You are using manual documentation or simple messaging/e-mails to send estimates, quotations, notices etc to your clients, suppliers or colleagues.
  • You often prepare the same or similar e-mails or documents repeatedly, suspecting that there is a more efficient way to deal with your clients and suppliers.
  • You have a wealth of statistical and/or financial information from multiple sources but you do not know how to summarise and interpret this information in an automated and meaningful manner.
  • You know about templates for document preparation but cannot seem to ensure that the finished article does not require manual tweaking.
  • You either do not have a website or you have one that is outdated and not proving to be the investment it should have been.
  • You know that you should be capitalising on technology solutions to make your life easier but you do not know how to take the next step.
  • You do not have the personnel, knowledge and/or time to address any or all of the above.
  • You have the capability of preparing documents in-house, but for confidentiality reasons , you need an external, trusted resource.
  • You require documentation with accurate English grammar and spelling but your primary language is not English.

Why not delegate the preparation of these products and services to us, leaving you free to concentrate on the core of your business service?

We can provide high quality solutions from single, one-off products and services to a continuously evolving portfolio of linked services and documents with multiple users, all at very reasonable costs and with full confidentiality. No visit to your business is required in the initial stages, just an idea of the types of documents that you already use and/or a short description of what you are looking for - we will quickly provide sample solution(s) for you at no initial cost, which can then be fine-tuned. Discussion can then take place about how the solution can be implemented most effectively within your environment with the aim of helping you use these documents to automate your business processes and streamline your interaction with your customers, colleagues, suppliers and internal staff.

These documents can be integrated into your current document pool or email system, and managed from your desktop or mobile device. Once delivered, we never retain ownership of the finished article, so you are free to take over whenever you feel that the time is right.

It would not be unusual for you to be unsure about if or how we could help you - this is typical of many of our clients as they are naturally unaware of the technological solutions available to them, and how they could be of benefit. Our approach to fully understanding your business practices and workflow is essential to suggesting relevant and cost effective solutions to you.

Just e-mail us directly to discuss, or fill in our enquiry form.

By the way our enquiry form also happens to be an example of the very simplest type of business form that we could prepare. This can be on a web site or sent by email, is rapidly produced and can help you get feedback, request information for generation of quotations, guide your sales force through company approved sales stages etc.

We look forward to discussing how we can help you to capitalise on technological solutions to help ensure high quality interaction with both internal and external entities.