Domains and Websites

For some people, the very mention of website design, domains, javascript or html float right over their heads. This is quite understandable when your own skills lie in completely different areas of business and/or you have neither the time or inclination to study and develop the skills required to master these aspects of modern business practice. We use Google Sites and Gmail.

Domain names and e-mail

We can provide you with services that range from domain selection and acquisition to e-mail integration and simple but effective website design. What this means is that we help you select and purchase an available domain name (a domain name being for example), setup email addresses relevant to your needs and then link your new domain name to a website which we can optionally design, develop and maintain. You can never purchase a domain name outright, but costs can be as low as £8.00 (10€) per year.* Using appropriate e-mail addresses, that are related to the domain, means that you can offer, for instance,, as opposed to as your business e-mail address. We recommend NameCheap for your domain services.

Although this appears to be only a subtle difference, this makes a great difference in the perception of your level of business professionalism to those who are either using your e-mail address or looking at your website. In fact, 75% of consumers say an email address matching your domain is critical to trusting a small business** so both the ownership of a domain name and a website can instantly transform your business into a serious and modern entity. 


Creating a website does not need to be a complicated or costly process involving lengthy design and construction phases. This very website for example,, designed with Google Sites and using just 6 pages and a contact page, took just 2 days to prepare.  It can be viewed 24 hours a day, from any internet connected device with a web browser, and is completely free to host (that means no recurring costs for the website). We also hope that it is an example of how a simple, clean website can still get your story across.

We also offer website services based around French/English language choices.

This type of simple site would be sufficient to get any business a "presence" on the world wide web. Optional further investment could then be decided based on your own development, statistical feedback about the number of visitors, geographical locations of those visitors and which pages those visitors spend time reading etc. We could work with you to analyse these statistics, offering a number of different solutions based on the results.

The layout and colour scheme of the website is easily changed, as are the images and links embedded into the website. Completed enquiries could be automatically sent to one or more e-mail addresses ensuring that you never miss a business enquiry.

The inclusion of YouTube videos, Calendar Information, Maps and pre-prepared documents, slides, forms, charts and spreadsheets is also easily achieved. Most of these can also be dynamic inclusions meaning that, as the data changes on the original source of the data, so does the website, without further investment in time or money to you. So, for example, you could include a Map showing customer locations or a Slideshow showing steps on how to use a product, or a Calendar showing a building or service availability.

The samples below give you an idea of the usefulness of these capabilities.

* 2018 Price with GoDaddy.Com** Small business owner and customer surveys, February 2016.

Sample Customer Map

This map shows some sample customers. You can zoom in and out of the map, make it full screen, or navigate using a mouse or arrow buttons

Sample Calendar

This sample calendar is showing the Christian Holiday, but it could equally show information that is relevant to yourself.

Use the mouse to select date changes by clicking on the arrows or selecting the Week/Month tabs.