Mobile Apps

We can prepare mobile apps for use with tablets and/or mobile phones so that you can undertake a vast number of tasks including, but not limited to: Inspections, Inventory Management, Attendance, Sales, Expenses, Deliveries & Dispatch, Scanning, Imaging, Snagging, Safety Reporting, Conformity, Project Management, Surveys, Repairs, Property Management, Cataloguing.

 We use Google Sheets for the security, source and storage of your data, but are equally able to use Microsoft Excel.

Apps that follow your processes, not the inverse.

Whether you use Android or Apple based mobile devices, our solutions ensure relevance, accuracy, ease of use and flexibility, all with full reporting, security and monitoring.

To give you an idea of just one of the applications of this technology, the following procedures and functionality could be built into an app for site inspection.

The typical user would:

Line management staff would instantly have access to all visit data, with summary and exception reports.

Let us know if you would like to know how these services can help you or your business.